Estranged #1: Introduction

The first episode of Estranged is up! I feel like I just puked up a baby from inside my heart! Which feels weird! Exclamation!

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What’s in this episode:

  • overview of the show’s intentions and purpose
  • me sounding waaay more pretentious than I actually feel
  • general introduction to who I am and where I’m coming from
  • Inspiration! (?)
  • Audible breathing and lip-smacking! Unfortunate on-mic nasal decongestion! Overall questionable and unprofessional audio quality!
  • an awkward profession of love (for the truly hardcore)

Listening tip: I’ve committed early on to not second-guessing or editing my “shows” for the time being, but the last 13 minutes of this one is light on content and heavy on unintentionally-pretentious rehashing and wander-y wrapping up. Feel free to jump ship at any point after 37 minutes or so, unless you really love hearing me talk.

Referenced in this episode:

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