Estranged #13: Choosing Not To Go Out

In a week with three consecutive opportunities to go out at night, I do the math and decide to blow one of them off. Let’s hear my rationale, and examine my social mathematics!

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What’s in this episode:

  • How I cheat on my normal philosophy of decision-making
  • Discussion of my stand-up comedy preparations
  • Selectively ignoring Dylan Brody’s advice (and fearing a resultant butt-kicking)
  • The difficulty of plugging in to an existing social scene
  • Stretching muscles that haven’t been used
  • About getting past a certain threshold of acceptance
  • The sense of opportunity from deciding not to go out
  • …and more!

Listening tip: If anyone has any tips on how to stop smacking one’s lips when talking on mic, send ’em my way. Other than that, for an in-neighborhood recording, this turned out OK, I think. There’s a bit of click-y noise in the recording too…I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it, sorry. [Note after listening again…I, you know, need to, you know, also work on not, you know, saying, you know, “you know” quite so much. OR, better plan–find a sponsor who wants to pay me a dollar for every time I say it. But the first option is probably more realistic–you know?]

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