Estranged #15: Holidays II / Thanksgiving

Going deeper into my shaky relationship with holidays, I discuss my Thanksgiving options this year, and question the legitimacy of an invitation I got. And then, after much bemoaning, I give thanks!

My policy against editing finally bears real fruit–and it’s not especially tasty fruit. Come for the first 5 minutes, and stay for the last 5! (You can probably skip the rest!)

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What’s in this episode:

  • delightful and engaging (let’s say) program notes
  • a probably self-centered review of the options of an unclaimed Thanksgiving person
  • an overwrought discussion of a potentially-questionable invitation
  • probably too much self-pity
  • “Frankly, you’re weird.”
  • unintentional abuse of the term “vis a vie” and awkward use of the phrase “fuck her”
  • …and a lot more!

Listening tip: I have mixed feelings about this episode. (Disappointment mixed with dislike mixed with uncertainty, mostly.)
P.S. – My other cat was not named “Other Cat”, as it may sound. He was named Max. My current cat’s name is Leo. (The other, implied cat was named Sophie.)

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