Estranged #16: A Conversation with Darren Staley / Crobama (Pt. 1)

Panic attacks, agoraphobia, and years on end stuck entirely inside the house. No, not me–my Twitter buddy, recovering agoraphobic Darren Staley. (Host of Dylan Brody’s Neighbor’s Couch.)

Hear how he went from a relatively normal life to nearly a decade of veritable self-imprisonment, and how he’s been finding his way out of that in recent years. Hear Lance try to relate to someone even more socially-withdrawn than he is, and to understand true social anxiety.  (And occasionally run his mouth to the exclusion of his guest.) And not least, find great cause for hope, for you or anyone else who lives with symptoms of agoraphobia.

In other words–meet Darren! (Part 1!)

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What’s in this episode:

  • A description of a panic attack, and of living with crippling anxiety
  • Mad personal spillage
  • How I became alone & isolated back in the day
  • Marriage + agoraphobia = happy ending
  • The roots of “Crobama”
  • Social media saving souls!
  • …and a lot more!

Listening tip: This was my first episode recorded over Skype, and as a result the audio levels are a bit uneven, and there is an occasional gap/glitch in the sound. Sorry! Also, somehow I ended up talking more than Darren, I think. Maybe that’s not so surprising…

Referenced in this episode:

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