Estranged #2: How I Became Estranged (Pt 1)

How did I become “estranged”? Let’s find out, Part 1 style!

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What’s in this episode:

  • The early years (escape, expulsion, and a pressure process conclusion)
  • Me vs. the system (and not the people themselves, per se – yay!)
  • The alienating effect of activism and being a boat-rocker
  • Crickets! Barking dogs! A return appearance by friends of the show Audible Breathing and Questionable Sound Quality! And a new guest: Swallowing Noises!

Listening tip: I sound out of breath when I walk and talk about something that I’m passionate about. We may just have to get used to it. I’ll do what I can to get better about it.

Referenced in this episode:

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