Estranged #4: How I realized that intelligence wasn’t enough

While driving home from Palmdale, I discussed how my self-image has developed, from being 100% intelligence-based to being aware that other parts of me mattered just as much, or more. Let’s see how my cocky ass got humbled!

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What’s in this episode:

  • how my intelligence used to be all of me, as far as I knew/cared
  • how my character and monkey impulses bared the lie to that
  • the big-time adult humblification of a very cocky young person
  • Rain! Sweating for art’s sake!

Listening tip: Pretty smooth sailing, despite being recorded in a moving car. (Also: It’s possible I say “top 99 percentile” when I meant “top 1 percentile” at one point. I also misspoke a little about my scholarship eligibility. It doesn’t matter much to the story. And I appear to imply that I didn’t go to college, when I really meant I haven’t been back to school since I left college as a young adult.)

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