Estranged #5: The (many) beats on the way to “Estranged”

From a taste of stage time in middle school, to being influenced by a wave of comedy podcasters–let’s hear the rather long and wandering story of how I came to start doing this show!

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What’s in this episode:

  • a whole lot of points on the timeline of my creative/communicative life
  • the role of stand-up comedy and comedy podcasts in birthing this show
  • how realizing that I can’t connect with anyone led to trying to connect with everyone
  • how the show came to be named “Estranged”
  • Painfully-audible swallowing! Stuffy nose sounds! Breath sounds! And yes–throat clearing!

Listening tip: I guess I wasn’t feeling so hot during this, because there are sniffles, labored breathing, and a disturbing amount of way-too-audible water drinking. Combine that with the “long and wandering road” format of this episode, and this one may be for the truly hardcore only. I’ll let you decide. As you can see from the list of references below–and the show’s 1-hour length–a LOT of ground gets covered.

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