Estranged #6: “I come from the woods”

NOTE: Sorry for the delay – I broke my own rule of not getting bogged down in production. I got it set in my mind that I needed to sandwich this recording with an intro and outro…and here we are days later, I’ve ditched the intro and outro, and here is the plain original recording. The one remaining artifact of the week of “production” on this episode is a brief musical theme I recorded for fun, which will almost certainly never see the light of day beyond its appearance at the end of this particular episode.

With that out of the way…back to our regularly scheduled programming:

During a 4 AM walk out in the crunchy desert, I talk about how I spent most of the past decade living out in the woods. Let’s crunch hear about crunch my appetite¬†crunch for acreage!

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What’s in this episode:

  • a way to explain the “culture” my dogs and I come from
  • 10 acres! 30 acres! 50 acres! HUNDREDS OF ACRES!
  • how even one block of neighborhood can be style-cramping
  • deep thoughts about nothing; reflections on the need for therapy
  • a surprise skeleton!

Listening tip: My voice is the thing that’s not the ever-present sound of footsteps and heavy breathing.

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