Estranged #7: “This is not a sad show”

Can a show about isolation, loneliness, and disconnection be a happy and positive enterprise? Hell yeah it can! Let’s hear about how awesome life is, and how Estranged is not a sad show!

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What’s in this episode:

  • thoughts on zen and happiness, detachment, and un-attachment
  • the buoy method
  • words in defense of lonely cat people
  • “So, fuck Hugh Hefner!”
  • why I am undefeatable, and how it’s all gravy
  • fun with sad words
  • an intro covering my latest column, two “new media” appearances, and responding to reader feedback about dog freedom
  • a new evolution of interim theme music-ish

NOTE: The main part of this episode was recorded in the week before the podcast launched. I meant to mention that in the recorded intro and forgot.

Listening tip: If you can’t handle the full ride, you could just check out the intro, where I give an update on the podcast and respond to listener feedback (about dogs and leashes)–and then skip ahead to around 45 minutes in, where I really rally to bring it home. (Or ~51 minutes in, when I do it again. Or 56+ minutes in, when I do it yet again!)

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