“Hermit” nabbed after 27 years living in the woods

This guy makes me feel downright social:

‘Hermit’ nabbed after 27 years — and 1,000 burglaries — in woods of Maine

A hermit who lived in the woods of Maine for 27 years was arrested breaking into a camp and admitted to more than 1,000 burglaries, police said Wednesday.Hermit Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight left home when he was 19 and his family never reported him missing. He’s been holed up ever since at a makeshift camp near Rome — stealing essentials from nearby camps.

“He never left the woods,” Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland said.

Knight, now 47, was carrying $300 in cash when he was arrested — his “emergency fund” — but never spent any money.

“Everything at his campsite was stolen except his eyeglasses. He had clothing, food, tools, propane tanks, a tent, sleeping bags — everything you’d need to subsist on for almost three decades,” McCausland said….


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