‘Lonely guy’ gets 65,000 calls after posting fliers with phone number

From the NY Post…

When a pimp calls to cheer you up, you know you have problems.

After Jeff Ragsdale, a stand-up comedian and actor from Harlem, was “near suicidal” following a painful breakup, he posted fliers around the city soliciting other forlorn New Yorkers to reach out.

FREQUENT FLIERS: Actor/stand-up comedian Jeff Ragsdale posts one of his “one lonely guy” fliers, which have triggered a flood of responses from across the globe.

“If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me (347) 469-3173. Jeff, one lonely guy,” read the fliers, which he plastered across the Upper West Side, Chelsea and the East Village in mid-October 2011.

A pimp soon responded with some free advice.

“You know, you’re too old to be posting your number on the streets, man,” he said. “What kind of chick would meet a guy from a street poster?”

He ended the exchange with an offer of “great women by the hour.”

Another man called to ask for advice about buying a co-op, and a Goldman Sachs trader gave him updates on the Occupy Wall Street protests. Others gave advice, and many vented about their own issues.

The first day, he got 100 calls and texts. A week after the flier went viral, he got a thousand texts and e-mails a day. To date — he’s still taking calls — 65,000 texts and calls have come in.